RWBY Reboot Script

Updated: Feb 4


I do not own RWBY or any of it's characters. This is basically a fanfiction/Headcanon & all characters & names belong to Rooster Teeth. The following is a screen play for my theoretical reboot of RWBY, I've already described why I made the changes in a previous blog. A full story board is currently in the works.


Grimm, mysterious beasts that have hunted down humanity for as long as we had existed. It wasn’t until the discovery of magic, were we able to fend off Grimm. And it wasn’t until the invention of Dust, mystical stones that enhances ones magical abilities, were we able to dispel the Grimm entirely.

Under the protective light of dust, civilization could finally prosper & thrive. As long as brave men & women called hunters, continue to fight off the Grimm & protect the cities, humanity can continue to live in peace. To this very day, no Grimm has ever breached the walls of the cities.

Fade to black

EXT: City Weapon Store, Night.

Pan down to a top-down view of the street that’s directly in front of the weapon store, the light from the store illuminating the entire street.

Hold on the shot as 3 figures approach the store, as the get closer their shadows grow longer & longer until the stretch halfway across the screen.

Screen wipe into the store itself.

The walls are covered in hanging racks of a variety of combination weapons, including rocket hammers, sword staffs that can separate into 2 blades, chainsaw claws & more. The weapons that are clearly a combination of melee & firearms like the shotgun ax & sniper spear are locked behind glass display cases.

The shelves are stocked with small pieces to build, repair or customize these weapons as well as boxes of tiny dust stones that resemble ammunition. The other products in the store also include various dust mechanisms, padded protective cloth & clothing, & armor with dust crystals built in them.

Camera slowly pans across the store as 3 young men walk through the door, who we will refer to as A, B, & C.

#A approaches the cashier, and is kneeling down to see what kind of products are on the cashiers shelf (stuff like candy bars, gum etc.) in order to draw the cashier’s attention away from B, whose circling around the cashier.


May I help you?

#A the proceeds to take small things from the shelf & plop them on the counter


Uuuugggh yeah just some gum, some meds for dust migraines aaand-

Pulls out a machete & points it at the cashier.


Everything in your register!

Cut to a shot of the cashier’s hands below the counter, they’re trembling but he’s slowly reaching for a large palm-sized dust crystal with a metal band wrapping around it.

But then #B appears behind him and points the machete at the cashier’s throat.


Sir, please don’t try anything. Just drop the dust, and open the register so we can get this done quickly, & no one has to get hurt.

The cashier drops the dust. It rolls across the counter & #A grabs it.

Cut to #C whose rolling around in a shopping cart stuffing as much as he can into it, including some weapons ad a TON of dust ammunition, while the sound of the register opens up.

#C notices someone way in the back towards the magazine & manual section, someone in a red hood. They have a basket filled with small trinkets & mod pieces. They’re reading a magazine called X-CALIBUR, a weapon magazine with a gunblade on it’s cover.


Hey! Whattya still doing here? Can’t you see this is a robbery?

The cloaked person ignores him.



They finally lift the hood of their cloak to reveal it’s Ruby wearing her headphones. She’s also wearing a choker with a brilliant red gemstone engraved in it.

When she realizes she’s got a sword pointed at her she freaks out & drops the magazine.


Shut up! You’re gonna hand over everything you got RIGHT NOW!

She drops the basket as the dozens of small pieces spill all over the floor & she also tosses her purse to the ground & raises her hands back up.

#C notices something underneath her cloak, and uses his sword to move the cloak aside to get a better look at it. It’s some kind of compacted rifle.


What about that?


I-I’m sorry sir, but I can’t.


If you’re actually sorry then you’ll HAND IT OVER!

He says as he screams in her face.


I can’t!

Cut to the front of the store, #A is still pointing his machete at the cashier but he’s starting to tremble



A gun shot is heard, and #C crashes right next to #A, his shirt has been burned open & he’s got a burn mark on his chest. Everyone looks at Ruby’s direction & she’s holding up her rifle, nozzle still smoking.




Why you little-

#A runs at her, and the fight commences.

The scene is evocative of the grocery store fight in the movie ‘Rumble In The Bronx’ (1998) by Jackie Chan. In fact Ruby herself fights like Jackie, in that she’s clearly a capable fighter & is able to easily fend off #A, but her movements are clumsy & panicky as she just barely manages to improvise through every moment, rather than being calm & in control of the moment like a martial arts master.

Eventually #B joins in on the fight, but she is able to fend off the both of them.

until #A grabs a rocket hammer (It looks identical to Nora's grenade-launcher hammer suggecting they're made by the same brand or manufacturer) Ruby blocks his massive swing but it knocks her weapon, Crescent Rose out of her hands & it flies to the back of the store.

What follows is a comical scene in which Ruby walks backwards towards Crescent Rose's location, but in the meantime pulls out random large weapons from the shelf to try & defend herself, but every time she does it gets knocked out of her hands by #A. (This can be a cheeky opportunity to make some references to the original series such as the suitcase gatling from team CFVY, Neptune's spear, Regalia's Axe from the fan-made SLVR shorts, & even Flint Coal's TRUMPET)

By the time she's about to reach her weapon, the only thing she can pull out is a small dinky knife with a small dust stone engraved in it's hilt.


And what exactly are you expecting to do with THAT tiny thing?


Honestly, not alot. This manufacturer is very notorious for making these very shodilly.

She points the knife tip downward towards #A's leg while she removes the dust stone from her choker.


For example, if I try to apply an extra dust stone in it's chamber & over load it-

She said as she apply's her choker dust stone at the bottom of the knife's hilt, it glows & eventually explodes launching the knife out of it's hilt & into #A's leg, incapacitating him as he collapses to the ground crying.


Well, you get the idea

She said with a sheepish yet coy smile as she crouches down to pick Crescent Rose back up.

But then #C is charging at her with a flail from behind. She ducks underneath the blow & fires her rifle into the ground propelling her & #C up in the air and slamming #C into the ceiling.

When they land #C is now atop of Ruby, so she fires again propelling them backwards towards the front of the store, sliding across the counter & crashing into a lottery machine which spews money everywhere.

Ruby then flips around, fires her gun again propelling her back in the direction she came, and leg sweeps #B off his feet. Before he can even land, Ruby smacks him out of the air and he smashes into the freezer splashing milk everywhere.

#C then gets back up & charges at Ruby with the flail. The 2 have a 1v1 scuffle as the poor cashier cowers underneath the counter frantically tapping the police button.

During the fight #B sneaks up Behind Ruby & now the 2 are charging at her at the same time. The red jewel on Ruby’s choker glows & she suddenly vanishes in a puff of red rose pedals, casing #C to bash #B right in the face knocking him over.

He frantically looks back & forth trying to figure out where she wen, and heard a shelf knock over.

Ruby had accidently teleported into the shelf & clumsily falls over.

#C rushes in after her, but her choker glows again and she once again vanishes in the rose pedal burst, but this time slams against the freezer door windows like a cartoon character.

#C chases after her with a machete in hand and manages to dodge the attack, but #C had completely smashed the glass display case.

Cut to inside the freezer itself as every single window gets smashed one by one, products flying & spilling all over the place, until at the very last window #A is chucked through it.

Ruby then hops in and her weapon finally unfolds to reveal it’s full scythe form.

It looks like she’s slashing down to chop up #A, and he freaks out.

But it turns out she makes two slices at the wall, then slams the scythe blade into the ground & fires a rifle round, bursting open the back wall for an exit.


I’m sorry!

She said to #A as she teleports out of the convenience store.

EXT: City Slums Rooftops, Night Time.

A trail of flower pedals travels up through the air towards the fire escape.

Ruby warps back and lands on the fire escapes & does a lot of elaborate jumps & flips up towards the rooftops.

#C & #B run out of the hole she left.


So tell me if I'm processing this right, we just had a fight in a WEAPON & AMMUNITION STORE, and none of ya'll tried to load up the Hunter weapons to SHOOT HER DOWN??


Hey man, trying to load those things looks a lot harder than it looks! Especially in the heat of the moment!


Yeah man if it was so easy, why didn't YOU do it?


AAARRRRGHH THATS IT! I’m done screwing around!


Wait, so you were purposefully letting her win?



Grabs the dust crystal & crushes it,

absorbing the dust which charges him with electricity.

He roars out.


Dude, just let it go so we can get out of here!


Don’t be such a pussy Cal! You’re the reason why we got no street cred!

He then leaps in a flash of lightning. Proceed to phase 2 of the fight.

This time the fight is more like a chase scene where Ruby uses her choker dust to activate super speed at the 2 sprint across the rooftops of the city. During the first half of the fight Ruby is more focused on evasion. Eventually her phone starts ringing.


NO NOT NOW! If Yang finds out I got in trouble, she's gonna KILL ME!

She answers the phone & this conversation happens during the fight:



Doesn't get an answer at first, it would've sounded like static if there wasn't some kind or rhythm playing in the background.


HEY SIS! Just calling to check up on ya! Everything good?


Uhhh, Umm yeah! Everythings fine! I uhh finished up my shopping and uhh just taking a stroll around town ya know? Seeing the sights and-


Oh ya don't say, good for you hun I'm glad your enjoying yourself-

Ruby thinks she hears breaking glass in the background of the phone


Ummm Yang? You good?


Yeah yeah just- KICKING IT at this bar. It's a little loud for my taste so I might just head back to where you're at.



Her opponent does a super saiyen roar and does a flurry of punches.


Umm sis, is that the sound of a guy covered in electricity chasing you across the rooftops?


NO! NOT AT- wait how would you know what that sounds like??

Yang sounds like she's talking to someone in the background.


Do you mind? I'm trying to talk to my-


The call cuts out.

Ruby's pendant stops glowing & turns black,

her super speed de-activates.


Aww come on!!

The fight continues but without her super speed Ruby is at a disadvantage. Any time she tries to throw out an attack it’s immediately dodged & counter attacked by her opponent forcing her to go on the defensive.

Just as it appears she’s about to be overwhelmed & receive a critical blow, the Dust effect wears off, causing the Goon to revert back to normal speed & Ruby dodges it. The guy tumbles off the roof & crashes on a car down below.

Before Ruby can eve catch her breath, a giant spotlight is shining on her.

It’s being shone by a flying vehicle shaped like a dragon fly. It has 2 giant crystals flashing blue & red & is projecting streams on energy that shapes itself into the flapping wings of a dragon fly.

The “tail” of this vehicle is actually a large futuristic looking cannon that also has a crystal core.

Officers with a megaphone poke their head out of the cockpit, they appear like a combination of a modern swat officer & a medieval knight.

HELICOPTER OFFICER Freeze! You’re under arrest! Put down the weapon!


Oh thank god you’re finally here!

This maniac has been chasing me all over the place and I can’t find my sister and-